AMPT Vietnam, Supported by South Korea, to Invest $5 Billion in Vietnam's Development

AMPT Vietnam, Supported by South Korea, to Invest $5 Billion in Vietnam's Development

In late July, Le Trung Chinh, Chairman of the Danang People’s Committee, hosted a meeting with a delegation from AMPT Vietnam JSC, led by CEO Lee Yun Cheol. The purpose of the visit was to explore investment opportunities and foster collaboration in Danang. AMPT Vietnam International JSC, a subsidiary of South Korean-based AMPT International JSC, was established in 2022 with the aim of improving living standards, promoting community health, and investing in infrastructure and business ventures in Vietnam. The company has already formed joint ventures with reputable entities such as Diamond Corporation, Qlila, and The World Group.

With substantial investment funds at their disposal, AMPT Vietnam plans to allocate approximately $5 billion in Vietnam, focusing primarily on projects with significant social welfare implications. One notable area of interest for the company is the establishment of multidisciplinary international hospitals that offer Proton therapy alongside eco-resort facilities. Additionally, AMPT Vietnam seeks new investment prospects and aims to collaborate with local companies and organizations in Vietnam to develop transportation infrastructure, seaports, resorts, and agricultural processing plants.

According to CEO Lee, AMPT Vietnam’s investment strategy revolves around the construction of state-of-the-art international hospitals that prioritize advanced treatment methods. This approach is expected to drive the development of residential areas and resorts, attracting affluent patients seeking medical treatment and leisure experiences. During their assessment of investment opportunities in Vietnam, AMPT Vietnam identified Danang as a city with immense potential and significant appeal to foreign enterprises, particularly in the flourishing tourism and resort sectors. To capitalize on these opportunities, the company is actively considering establishing an office in Danang, demonstrating their commitment to thoroughly explore viable projects and achieve successful investments in the city.

Chairman Chinh highlighted healthcare, seaports, and new urban areas as sectors of particular interest to AMPT Vietnam, aligning with the city’s proactive efforts to attract investments. Danang is currently in the process of presenting its investment proposal for the shared infrastructure of the Lien Chieu Port project to the government. Once approvals are obtained, the city will proceed with the necessary procedures for investment solicitation in accordance with legal regulations. In terms of healthcare projects, such as international hospitals and nursing homes, the city is currently conducting auctions, and AMPT Vietnam can express its interest by submitting the required auction documents. Ongoing planning and evaluation for new urban areas are expected to be completed by the end of 2023, paving the way for investor selection in compliance with legal provisions.

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