China to sell mini electric car in Vietnam

China to sell mini electric car in Vietnam

🔌 #Chinese electric car company Zhidou Electric Vehicle plans to begin selling its mini electric A01 car model at an expected price of VND100 million ($4,260) in Vietnam within the next three months.

🤏 Zhidou displayed its mini electric car A01 the ongoing 2023 Autotech & Accessories exhibition in HCMC. This small vehicle is designed for urban driving. The A01 is about two-thirds the size of a Kia Morning.

⚡ It has a quick charge feature and can be fully charged in 30 minutes. With a full battery, the car can travel over 100 kilometers.

🏭 The company will partner with a domestic company to assemble the car in Vietnam, and its logo and brand name will also be changed for the market.

🌏 Currently, Zhidou’s products are sold in China, India, Russia, the U.S., and Thailand.


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