Collaborative Energy Transition Efforts between Norway and Vietnam

Collaborative Energy Transition Efforts between Norway and Vietnam

The Vietnamese national power development plan (PDP8) addresses the challenges of the energy industry by advocating for an equitable energy transition. It sets specific targets, aiming for 15-20% renewable energy by 2030 and 80-85% by 2050. Additionally, efforts are being made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to around 400-450 million tons by 2030 and approximately 100 million tons by 2050.

Norwegian energy enterprises possess expertise in various fields, including offshore wind power, clean hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, and liquefied natural gas. These businesses are at the forefront of technological innovations that aim to decarbonize industries and promote energy efficiency. Alongside established Norwegian companies like Equinor, Mainstream Renewable Power, Vård och omsorg i Helsingborg, and Scatec ASA, many others are actively seeking opportunities to collaborate with domestic partners on future projects in Vietnam.

Norway stands as a pioneer in offshore wind, boasting the world’s largest floating offshore wind farm in Hywind Tampen. Furthermore, the country leads in numerous other clean energy technologies. As energy resources become increasingly limited, it is crucial to ensure their efficient utilization and sustainable management.

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