EU Implements Border Controls for Vietnamese Noodles, Exempts from Residue Testing

EU Implements Border Controls for Vietnamese Noodles, Exempts from Residue Testing

The European Union (EU) has recently announced that Vietnamese instant noodles will no longer require phytosanitary certificates for residue testing of ethylene oxide (EO). This decision follows a year-long inspection by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety (DG Sante), which found no violations of EO residues in Vietnamese instant noodles. As a result, the EU has waived the requirement for EO certificates on each batch of instant noodles, reducing administrative burdens and costs for Vietnamese exporters.

Despite the exemption from residue testing, Vietnamese instant noodles will still undergo 20% border controls upon entry into the EU region. These measures aim to ensure continued compliance and maintain the highest standards of food safety and quality. Additionally, three other Vietnamese agricultural products – bell peppers, green beans, and dragon fruit – will face varying inspection frequencies of 20-50% upon entry into the EU.

The EU’s decision reflects the commendable progress made by Vietnamese businesses in adhering to regulations, ensuring supply chain control, and substantiating the quality of their products. It provides a positive development for Vietnamese exporters, allowing them to compete effectively and secure a stronger foothold in the EU market. However, the Ministry of Industry and Trade emphasizes the importance of maintaining product quality and strict adherence to EU regulations to sustain growth and expand market share.

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