Expert Predicts Persistent Power Shortages Ahead

Expert Predicts Persistent Power Shortages Ahead

According to an expert from the Vietnam Energy Association, the North will continue to face electricity shortages due to delays in the region’s new power projects. Currently, less than half of the planned new power sources are operational, leading to a shortfall in electricity supply during the hot season when consumer demand increases. The delay in opening these new sources is attributed to various factors, including capital and fuel constraints, as well as complex legal and procedural issues.

The expert emphasized that the power supply situation in the North will remain challenging in the next two years, with the risk of electricity shortages due to the delayed projects. A report by Vietnam Electricity (EVN) highlighted that electricity demand in the North is growing by an average of 10% annually, equivalent to 2,400-2,900 MW. However, the new power sources expected to be operational in 2024 and 2025 can only meet 30-50% of this increased demand, with capacities of 780 MW and 1,620 MW, respectively.

EVN predicts that electricity supply in the North will continue to face difficulties, particularly towards the end of the dry season when water levels in hydropower reservoirs are low. In recent months, the North, including Hanoi, experienced blackouts due to the high demand during the hot season. The underperformance of hydroelectricity plants, one of the main sources of power in the region, aggravated the situation due to prolonged drought.

Although the North has managed to meet electricity demand since June 23, there is still a lack of backup capacity in the northern power system, making it vulnerable to disruptions during extreme situations.

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