Exploring the Anatomy of North's Acute Power Shortage

Exploring the Anatomy of North's Acute Power Shortage

Due to power outages in several regions of Vietnam’s north, businesses have been forced to halt their production. As a result, many cities and provinces, including Hanoi, have resorted to turning off lights to conserve electricity, as recommended by state utility Vietnam Electricity (EVN).

Street lights are partially turned off, and residential areas experience complete power shutdowns. Emergency load shedding was implemented by power utilities in some areas to ensure system safety. The Bac Giang Province has decided to reduce electricity for daily use to prioritize industrial production, which has seriously affected people’s lives and the socioeconomic situation.

The hot weather has caused a spike in electricity demand, which is currently at 20,000 MW and could increase to 23,500-24,000 MW. The ministry of Industry and Trade and EVN attribute the current shortages to this heat wave, which has caused a 20% increase in electricity demand in May compared to April. In April, EVN had warned of electricity shortages equivalent to 1,600-4,900 megawatts during the summer.

The northern region’s power supply, including imports, was only 59.2% of installed capacity, with hydroelectric and thermal plants being the primary sources. However, hydropower production has slumped due to extreme weather, leading to a significant reduction in supply.

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