Fake Hermes, Burberry products on the rise in HCMC

Fake Hermes, Burberry products on the rise in HCMC

⚠️ The incidence of smuggling and selling #counterfeit goods has doubled in HCMC this year, with authorities seizing goods worth billions of Vietnam dong (VND1 billion = $42,580).

💣 The Market Surveillance Department has carried out 12,000 raids, 60% fewer than in the same period last year, but found nearly double the number of violations.

💰 The seized items include household appliances, children’s toys, supplements, helmets, food, and others. They have imposed fines and seized goods worth VND23 billion ($979,240), representing a 151% increase.

⌚ The department also seized 12,321 counterfeit clothing items, #shoes, #handbags, #wallets, #watches, and #phone accessories of #brands like ROLEX, Hublot, Hermès, Burberry, Christian Dior Couture, and Apple.

⚖️ On 16 June 2022, the Vietnamese National Assembly officially approved the amended Intellectual Property Law. This marks the third time the Vietnamese IP Law has been amended and supplemented since its promulgation in 2005. Its latest update contains revisions and supplements more than 100 articles, marking the most expansive overhaul of this law to date


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