H1 Sees Inflow of More Than $1.8 Billion into Corporate Bonds

H1 Sees Inflow of More Than $1.8 Billion into Corporate Bonds

According to the Vietnam Bond Market Association, the total value of corporate bond issuances in the first half of the year amounted to VND42.783 trillion ($1.86 billion). This comprised of seven initial public offerings valued at VND5.521 trillion (12.9% of total issuance) and 35 private placements totaling VND37.262 trillion (87.1% of total issuance). Notably, this figure reflects a significant decline compared to the previous year, where privately placed corporate bonds reached VND257.857 trillion during the same period.

In June, there were 13 private placements of corporate bonds with a total value of VND8.170 trillion, while the previous month only saw one successful issuance valued at VND2.6 trillion by a company. The real estate sector emerged as the largest issuer in June, accounting for 47.5% with a total issuance value of VND3.88 trillion, followed by the banking sector with VND2.890 trillion (nearly 35.4%).

The Vietnam Bond Market Association also reported that in June, companies repurchased corporate bonds worth VND31.591 trillion, bringing the total value since the beginning of the year to VND110.448 trillion, representing a 39% year-on-year increase. Looking ahead, the remaining bonds set to mature this year will amount to VND158.5 trillion. The majority of these bonds belong to the real estate sector, accounting for VND80,952 billion (51%), followed by the banking sector with VND27.261 trillion (17.2%).

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