Implementation of Power Overhaul Plan Gains Momentum

Implementation of Power Overhaul Plan Gains Momentum

Vietnam’s Power Development Plan VIII (PDP8) aims to achieve energy security for the country, progress towards its climate change commitments, and export 5,000-10,000 MW of power by 2030. The plan proposes a new energy mix with a significant reliance on renewables and the development of smart transmission grids to support the renewables industry, including connecting the power grids with neighbouring countries.

The PDP8 has been years in the making, and it is expected to require substantial investment. However, there are still concerns about the lack of coordination, insufficient transmission infrastructure, and delayed coal and gas-fired projects. The plan aims to produce power with a renewable energy rate of between 30.9 and 39.2% by 2030, and between 67.5 and 71.5% by 2050.

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