Insiders Reveal Vietnam's Rise as a Prominent Game Producer

Insiders Reveal Vietnam's Rise as a Prominent Game Producer

A dedicated blog that explores emerging technologies in the 21st century has reported on Vietnam’s growing prominence in the global electronic gaming industry. Fagen Wasanni Technologies highlights Vietnam’s position within Southeast Asia, a rapidly expanding gaming market with a value of $5 billion and 270 million gamers.

The mobile gaming sector, in particular, is driving significant growth due to its affordability and wide market reach, as noted by game-focused website Pocketgamer. Vietnam now boasts numerous domestic enterprises capable of producing and operating online games, reducing reliance on imported products. According to a report by data tracking company DataAI & AppMagic, Vietnam has climbed to the fifth spot among the world’s top game-producing countries. In the first quarter of this year alone, Vietnamese developers created 4.2 billion app downloads, underscoring the country’s growing influence in the industry.

Major Vietnamese app developers like Falcon Global, ABI Global, Zego Global, and Rocket Studio feature among the top 50 companies in e-game production, with their applications being downloaded over 100,000 times in 2022. Bloomberg’s recent assessment also recognizes Vietnam as a powerhouse in the gaming industry, ranking among the top five countries globally for mobile game production based on download numbers in the first half of 2023. The thriving talent pool in Vietnam, combined with its proximity to a culturally diverse region, contributes to this growth, as highlighted by Samuel Stevenin, General Manager of Virtuos, a game maker that entered the Vietnamese market in 2011. Stevenin emphasizes the cultural focus on mobile product development in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, along with the expertise and passion of local talents in creating high-quality digital content and world-class games. The remarkable success stories of games like Axie Infinity and Flappy Bird serve as inspiring examples that have made a significant impact in the industry.

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