Investors to Receive $1.42 Billion License in Quang Binh

Investors to Receive $1.42 Billion License in Quang Binh

At an upcoming conference in Hanoi on June 25, Quang Binh will award investment cooperation agreements to 18 projects, with a total investment value of $1.42 billion. The announcement was made by the Quang Binh Department of Planning and Investment during a meeting with the Quang Binh People’s Committee and leaders of several departments involved in the conference.

Of the 18 projects, three are infrastructure projects, 14 are in real estate, and one is in the mining industry. The remaining 10 projects, with a total investment value of over $130 million, are in the fields of tourism, manufacturing, agriculture, and education. The priority for investment in Quang Binh during the 2021-2030 period is on projects that align with national development strategies and the major development orientations of the country. Quang Binh will prioritize projects with potential for social and economic development, efficient exploitation of natural resources, high-tech projects with minimal environmental impact, and those implemented by capable investors with a history of effective implementation of similar projects.

The province also aims to attract foreign businesses with globally known brands, large financial capacities, and stable and long-term investment policies, while giving priority to investments from large domestic corporations in the manufacturing, processing, tourism, and logistics industries.

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