IP protection for online exports increases in Việt Nam

IP protection for online exports increases in Việt Nam

™️ Intellectual property (IP) protection of online exports has become increasingly important for Vietnamese businesses as the country has entered a new stage of cross-border e-commerce, experts said.

🚨 A recent report from Amazon Global Selling Vietnam revealed Vietnamese selling partners’ awareness of brand building and #intellectualproperty protection has gradually improved.

🌏 Besides sales growth, global brand building and adoption are among the top key motivations for Vietnamese businesses to engage in cross-border e-commerce.

🛡️ In the past three years, the number of Vietnamese brands enrolled in its brand registry has grown seven-fold. The duration of Vietnamese selling partners from seller account registration to #brand registry enrollment shortened 85% on average, the report said.

🗺️ In addition, Vietnamese selling partners are paying more attention to global expansion, with 18.6% of Vietnamese selling partners having #trademarks in the US, EU, Japan and other regions.

✅ It is recommended that small and medium-sized companies understand the importance of working together with trade associations and organisations to support efforts to protect IP, stop counterfeiting, as well as improving the capability to enforce rights and obligations under Vietnam’s IP law and international commitments to which the country is a signatory.


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