Mercedes soars above competitors in Vietnam

Mercedes soars above competitors in Vietnam

🏆 Cars made by the Mercedes-Benz AG have dominated #Vietnam’s luxury #car market for the last four years as Lexus, Volvo Cars and other brands tussle behind.
🌪️🇩🇪 #Auto registration data obtained by VnExpress showed that between 2019 and 2022, #Mercedes secured and average of around 60% of Vietnam’s total luxury car market share. The #German brand sold 7,925 cars in the Southeast Asian nation last year, up 35% from 2021. The figure was five times that of the second-place brand, Lexus.
✅ In the last four years Mercedes sold on average nearly 6,400 cars in the Vietnam, higher than the combined figure of its six next major competitors.

🏭💡 The key to the brand’s success:
📌Before 2022, Mercedes was the only auto brand with an assembling factory in Vietnam.
📌This gave it a price advantage over its competitors, who bear the burden of heavy import taxes.
📌Mercedes also has a diverse array of models available in Vietnam, up to 20 at any given time, giving customers a wider variety of purchase options than their competitors.
🚗 Another German vehicle manufacturer – Porsche AG – was Vietnam’s fifth most popular luxury car brand last year with 759 units, nearly double the number it achieved in 2021.

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