Ministry urged to manage Zalo and Telegram to ensure user safety

Ministry urged to manage Zalo and Telegram to ensure user safety

The Ministry of Information and Communications has proposed amendments to the Law on Telecommunications that would include provisions to “manage” over-the-top (OTT) media services to protect user safety and interests.

Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung presented draft amendments to the National Assembly, arguing that the existence of OTT services in Vietnam raises questions about their management to ensure service quality, safety, and security. The draft includes stipulations on the management of telecom services, including data centers, to encourage new services to develop.

The development of new satellite technologies has also necessitated the completion of management policies regarding trans-national, satellite telecom services in Vietnam to ensure users’ interests. The majority of opinions from the National Assembly’s Science, Technology, and Environment Committee agreed that Vietnamese law lacks clear policies regarding OTT services, which may lead to problems with security, transparency, and accessibility for users. Therefore, telecom OTT services need to be managed appropriately.

However, other opinions expressed argued that the inclusion of data centers, cloud computing, and basic telecom services as groups that need to be adjusted would increase costs for relevant businesses, negatively affecting foreign investments into Vietnam. The Committee has requested further research into foreign experiences before reporting back to the National Assembly on the design of a legal system regarding such technology and telecommunications.

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