One of Vietnam's internet cables back to work

One of Vietnam's internet cables back to work

🚧 Repairs have been finished on the Intra Asia (IA) undersea cable, which broke three months ago.

πŸ’₯ A breakage at a section of the IA about 130 km from a shoreline station in Singapore was detected in late January, causing a total loss of international data from Vietnam to Singapore through the cable.

ℹ️ The IA is one of five undersea internet cables connecting Vietnam to the rest of the globe.

🚫 All four other undersea cables are currently having simultaneous problems:

πŸ”— The Asia Africa Europe 1 (AAE-1) failed last November, causing the loss of all international connection capacity from Vietnam to Hong Kong. It is expected to be fixed from May 2-17.

πŸ”— The Asia America Gateway (AAG) line has also been having problems since December and January. Two AAG branches will be fixed in early May, while another two branches are not on the repair schedule yet.

πŸ”— The Asia Pacific Gateway (APG) internet cable, which connects Vietnam with the rest of Asia, has repeatedly encountered a variety of technical problems between last December and April this year.

πŸ”— In late February, the SMW3 cable connecting Vietnam with Singapore was found to be malfunctioning.

πŸŒβœ… The ministry aims for Vietnam to have a total of 10 undersea cable lines by 2026. Of the 10, three will be owned by domestic enterprises.

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