President Biden Shares Video Highlighting 'Historic' Visit to Vietnam

President Biden Shares Video Highlighting 'Historic' Visit to Vietnam

U.S. President Biden has shared a video and message characterizing his visit to Vietnam as a “historic milestone” in the ties between the two nations. “After half a century of evolution in our nations’ relationship, transitioning from conflict to normalization, I am honored to have fortified the bond with Vietnam – a key partner in the Indo-Pacific region – even more,” he posted on X, previously known as Twitter, Tuesday night. “The United States is a Pacific nation, and we are here to stay.”

A 90-second video encapsulates his state visit on September 10 and 11, beginning with the formal reception he received from General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong at the Presidential Palace and followed by their discussions and meetings.

He expressed feeling “extremely proud” of how the two countries and their people “have fostered trust and understanding over the years and have addressed the painful legacy the war left on both our nations.

“It’s a task we committed to continue today. Our collaboration on these painful matters, as well as on creating new legacies, is one of shared peace and prosperity.” He described it as “a potent reminder of all we can achieve when we are able to rise above the pain of the past and embrace a future of progress, one founded on the unity of our people.

“Vietnam is a significant player in the global arena and a trendsetter in this crucial region. And I look forward to advancing this new chapter in the narrative of our nations.”

Biden became the fifth U.S. president to visit Vietnam since the two countries normalized relations in 1995. During his visit, the two nations announced an upgrade of their relationship to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, a decade after they had established a Comprehensive Partnership.

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