Semiconductor Manufacturers Establish New Facilities

Semiconductor Manufacturers Establish New Facilities

Several foreign semiconductor manufacturers have announced plans to establish a presence in Vietnam, indicating the country’s growing semiconductor market. Amkor Technology, a US-based semiconductor manufacturer, is set to begin trial production by late October 2023 at its $1.6 billion semiconductor plant in Bac Ninh province, which will be the largest facility for Amkor worldwide.

South Korean chip equipment company Hanmi Semiconductor has also introduced its local arm in Bac Ninh province, while Germany’s Infineon Technologies AG plans to expand operations in Vietnam with a focus on chip technology research and development, sales, and marketing. The semiconductor market in Vietnam is projected to grow by $1.65 billion over 2020-2025, driven by the adoption of the Internet of Things and smart home technologies.

Foreign companies, including Samsung, Hana Micron Vina, and Amkor Technology, have invested in these projects. Vietnam presents greater opportunities for investment as the electronics landscape evolves, and the country has the potential to elevate its global standing within the value chain by strategically embracing semiconductor sector development.

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