Vietnam Explores Opportunities to Export Renewable Energy to Singapore

Vietnam Explores Opportunities to Export Renewable Energy to Singapore

Vietnam is actively exploring the potential of exporting renewable energy to Singapore, highlighting the growing cooperation between the two countries. The energy sector, particularly in the field of renewables, has become an important area of collaboration, now included in the Framework Agreement on Vietnam-Singapore economic ties.

To facilitate the export of green energy, the responsible ministry will conduct a thorough review and refinement of the legal regulations. This process aims to ensure smooth and compliant renewable energy exports to Singapore, in accordance with relevant Vietnamese laws such as the Electricity Law, the Maritime Law, and the National Power Development Plan VIII.

Both the Vietnamese and Singaporean governments have recently approved the enhancement of the Framework Agreement on Economic Connectivity between the two countries. This step aims to address regional and global challenges while leveraging emerging opportunities. The revised framework will focus on five main pillars, including connectivity, sustainable development, infrastructure, digital technology, and innovation. These pillars will cover various sectors such as education, finance, IT and telecommunications, tourism, investment, trade and services, and transportation.

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