Vietnam Identified as a Key Market for Australian Education Institutions

Vietnam Identified as a Key Market for Australian Education Institutions

According to the Australian Consulate-General in HCMC, Vietnam is increasingly becoming a prioritized market for numerous Australian education institutions. This is primarily due to Vietnam’s growing economy and expanding middle-class population. Rebecca Ball, the vice Consul-General, highlighted that Vietnam possesses the fastest-growing middle-class population in Asia, resulting in a significant demand for studying abroad. She further mentioned that Vietnamese individuals spend approximately $3-4 billion annually on overseas education.

With the reopening of borders in 2021, several Australian education and training organizations have seized the opportunity to visit Vietnam and engage with partners and students. Recently, the Australian National University, ranked fourth in the country according to the QS 2024 education rankings, organized an information fair in Vietnam for the first time.

Ball noted that Vietnamese students exhibit the highest interest in fields such as management, trade, and IT, while areas like medicine are also witnessing an increasing demand. Moreover, visa evaluations for Vietnamese students have been streamlined, particularly in terms of processing speed.

Official statistics from 2022 indicate that Australia hosted over 610,000 international students, contributing $25.5 billion to the country’s economy. Several Australian universities have even started accepting direct admissions for Vietnamese students based on their grades from local schools and English proficiency certificates, eliminating the need for standardized tests.

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