Vietnam to inspect TikTok from mid-May

Vietnam to inspect TikTok from mid-May

⚠️ TikTok entered #Vietnam as a #soclialmedia #platform in 2019 and has boomed since then. The platform was initially used for entertainment. However, harmful content has been on the rise on TikTok since last year, according to public authorities.

👥 TikTok now has around 49.9 million Vietnamese users aged 18 and above. Vietnam ranks sixth among the 10 countries with the biggest numbers of TikTok users, the Ministry of Information and Communications reported, citing research company DataReportal.

🗓️ The Vietnamese Ministry of Information and Communications will launch a comprehensive probe over TikTok’s activities in Vietnam from May 15. The inspection will last until the end of the month, Le Quang Tu Do, head of the ministry’s Authority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information, said at a regular press briefing of the ministry on Friday.

‼️The core allegations against the platform are:

🚨 TikTok fails to effectively control content related to politics, content opposing the Vietnamese Party and State, fake news, harmful and even dangerous content for children.

🚨 TikTok also uses automated content distribution algorithms to create trends in a bid to spread content for views, even harmful and offensive content, which causes a negative impact on the community, especially the young.

🚨 TikTok has no measures to prevent the sale of counterfeit goods and products with unknown origins.

🚨 It also allows users to make donations to idols, causing many idols to produce inappropriate content to attract viewers.

⚖️ The Ministry of Information and Communications plans to propose applying legal, economic, technical and diplomatic solutions to demand cross-border platforms, including TikTok, and incite the operators to comply with Vietnam’s laws.

🚫 The platform said it had removed 1.7 million videos on the Vietnamese government’s request in the fourth quarter of 2022 alone.

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