Vietnam's Ambition for Chip Autonomy Praised by Intel Executive

Vietnam's Ambition for Chip Autonomy Praised by Intel Executive

An executive from Intel Products Vietnam has advised the government to approach the goal of chip autonomy with caution, suggesting that setting more realistic short-term objectives would be advisable. Intel became the first foreign high-tech investor in Ho Chi Minh City back in 2006, and Kim Huat Ooi, the vice president and general manager of Intel Products Vietnam, described the past 17 years as a remarkable journey. Vietnam has undergone a transformation and achieved greater prosperity, attracting foreign investors who seek a strong presence and a solid foundation in the country.

In addition to Intel, several other major chip manufacturers have established plants in Vietnam, contributing to the creation of an open semiconductor supply chain. Local technology companies like FPT Software and Viettel Group are also investing in the sector and aiming to export substantial volumes of domestically produced chips under the “Made in Vietnam” brand.

When deciding to establish a plant in Ho Chi Minh City, Intel Corporation had received invitations from various neighboring countries. One of the crucial factors that influenced Intel’s decision was the stability of Vietnam’s political system. Despite the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Intel Vietnam factory continued to operate smoothly, while many supply chains worldwide faced challenges. In 2021, the factory experienced a 25% increase in exports compared to the pre-pandemic period. Vietnam has demonstrated stability even during the most challenging times.

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