Yadea Vietnam Allocates $100 Million Investment for Electric Vehicle Plant

Yadea Vietnam Allocates $100 Million Investment for Electric Vehicle Plant

Yadea Vietnam is making significant strides in shaping the market with its plans to establish an advanced electric motorcycle production and assembly facility in the Tan Hung Industrial Zone, Lang Giang. The facility, set to commence operations in 2025, will have an impressive annual production capacity of two million electric motorcycles. This ambitious endeavor will create employment opportunities for approximately 3,000 individuals, contributing significantly to the local workforce.

While maintaining its operations at the assembly plant in the Quang Chau Industrial Zone, which has a manufacturing capacity of up to 500,000 electric motorcycles per year, Yadea Vietnam is renowned for its expertise in electric motorcycles and e-bikes. The company has successfully established a global presence in over 90 countries, reaching more than 70 million consumers. With a network of 40,000 retail outlets worldwide, Yadea has solidified its market dominance and earned recognition as the world’s top-selling EV brand for six consecutive years, as acknowledged by Frost & Sullivan, a respected market research and analysis entity.

In addition to its commercial achievements, Yadea has secured a notable sponsorship role at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, further enhancing its corporate stature. Since entering the Vietnamese market in 2019, Yadea has emerged as a formidable contender, competing directly with local EV firms such as VinFast and Pega. Yadea offers a diverse range of electric motorcycles in Vietnam, with prices ranging from VND12 million ($5,063) to VND22 million ($9,283) per unit. The company’s local manufacturing facility has successfully produced and distributed over 100,000 electric motorcycles across 10 unique models. With ambitious goals, Yadea Vietnam aims to escalate production figures to a substantial 200,000 electric motorcycles of various configurations this year.

Vietnam’s EV landscape is undergoing a significant transformation, with both domestic and international entities vying for supremacy. While the electric motorcycle market, particularly e-bikes, has experienced gradual development in recent years, most brands have originated from overseas, with Pega (formerly HKBike) being a notable exception. However, the market has recently welcomed prominent domestic names such as VinFast and pioneering startup Dat Bike.

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