The Premier Product Sourcing Service for Small Companies

VIETNAM B2B offers performance-based product sourcing services, positioning us as the top choice for small and medium-sized businesses seeking reliable partners in Vietnam.

With our extensive network of local manufacturers and deep industry expertise, importing from Vietnam has never been easier or quicker. Start building your overseas manufacturing supply chain today with our expert product sourcing service!

Sourcing Services That Help You Outperform Your Competitors

If you want to build a long-lasting business, product sourcing is the most crucial investment you can make. Without competitive costs and reliable product sources, all your marketing efforts will be in vain.

At VIETNAM B2B, our product sourcing services go beyond just price. We delve into the credibility of suppliers and ensure their compatibility with your needs.

Additionally, we offer a comprehensive one-stop service to manage the quality of your goods and ensure they are shipped directly to your door.

Product Sourcing Services Designed for SMEs

Free Consultation for Novice Importers

Not sure where to start? Whether you have questions about business culture or product certification, the VIETNAM B2B team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Access Our Evolving Supply Chain Network

With our extensive internal database of over 700 factories and reliable partners in laboratories and logistics, VIETNAM B2B offers a one-stop solution for importing from Asia quickly and cost-effectively.

The Product Sourcing Service With A Different Approach

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Supplier Screening Criteria

At VIETNAM B2B, we believe product sourcing is not just about price. That’s why we use a comprehensive set of selection criteria to identify the best suppliers in Vietnam.

Quality Inspection Before You Pay

Seeing is believing, and we act as your eyes and ears in Vietnam. We always inspect the goods before final payment is made, without exception.

AQL Inspection Instead of Random Checks

Quality control is not guesswork. What to test and how many to sample should be clearly defined. We use AQL product inspection standards to avoid quality oversights caused by random checks in Vietnam.

360-Degree Cost Control

Cost Control from Raw Materials

VIETNAM B2B monitors raw material demand and price trends in Vietnam, allowing you to place your orders at the most opportune times.

Sample Consolidation

Quotations without samples can be confusing. We collect samples from various suppliers in Vietnam according to your requirements and consolidate them into one package, saving you both cost and time.

What Do They Say After Using Our Product Sourcing Services?

VIETNAM B2B made importing from Vietnam effortless for our small business. Their expert guidance and seamless process were perfect for our needs. Highly recommended for any SME!

— Sarah Thompson, GreenTech Solutions”

Performance-Based Product Sourcing Agent Cost Structure

If you are not satisfied with our product offer, you do not need to pay for our sourcing services. However, over 87% of buyers choose to work with us after receiving our quotation.

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