Rockhill Asia

At Rockhill Asia, we prioritize understanding our customers’ challenges and working hand in hand to deliver value-added services. Our commitment to placing the end consumer first drives us to operate in a transparent and win-win environment, free from politics and unnecessary tensions.

Established in 2014 by our Managing Director, Fiona Li, Rockhill Asia was founded with a mission to provide retailers with better purchasing options beyond their domestic supplier list. Fiona and her team bring extensive sourcing experience from China, Vietnam, and Indonesia, having lived in all three countries. With teams strategically located across China and Vietnam, Rockhill Asia offers direct factory access, reactive range proposals, and valuable insights into on-the-ground dynamics.

The addition of Claude Rety as Executive Director has enabled us to expand into the Retail Consulting division. With Claude’s expertise in Trading, Supply Chain, and Retail Commercial Development, Rockhill Asia not only offers exceptional products but also assists in setting up the entire retail model, including branding, design, concept, and project follow-up.

Join us at Rockhill Asia as we strive to revolutionize retail solutions and exceed expectations every step of the way!

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