Boeing, Walmart, and Amazon Seek Suppliers from Vietnam

Boeing, Walmart, and Amazon Seek Suppliers from Vietnam

International corporations, including Boeing, Walmart, and Amazon, are seeking Vietnamese suppliers through a series of events coordinated by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Representatives from energy company AES, retailer Carrefour, sports equipment retailer Decathlon, furniture firm IKEA, and retailers Aeon, Uniqlo, and Central Group were among those present at the Export Forum 2023: Connecting International Supply Chains, held on Wednesday in Ho Chi Minh City.

Oliver Langlet, CEO of Central Retail in Vietnam, acknowledged the significant progress of the domestic manufacturing sector over the past 30 years, as evidenced by numerous high-quality products and the industry’s competent workforce.

Decathlon Vietnam’s CEO, Lionel Adenot, suggested that Vietnam has a significant opportunity to become a crucial player in the global supply chain. He advised companies to plan ahead and prioritize domestic raw materials while minimizing environmental impact.

Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Do Thang Hai, stated that the involvement of businesses from over 30 countries and territories would facilitate Vietnam’s deeper integration into the global supply chain.

In the first eight months, Vietnam’s trade volume amounted to $435 billion, with a trade surplus exceeding $20 billion.

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