DPM requests clarity on renewable energy prices

DPM requests clarity on renewable energy prices

⚡ Vietnam’s Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha requested that the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) amend regulations and offer specific instructions on the procedures for calculating and negotiating prices for transitional wind and solar power as soon as possible.

📰 The request was published by the Government Office on May 17 in a summary of a meeting between ministries and sector leaders to eliminate obstacles for solar and wind power projects.

🗺️📌 There are currently 84 renewable energy projects for commercial operation with a total capacity of over 4,600MW that are behind schedule. 34 transition projects, including 28 wind power projects and 6 solar power projects, with a combined capacity of roughly 2,100MW have been completed and tested. These projects are not eligible for a feed-in tariff for twenty years and must negotiate electricity prices with EVN based on the MoIT power generation pricing framework introduced this year, with prices 20 to 30 per cent lower than before. However, investors and EVN have difficulty negotiating electricity prices due to the lack of detailed guidance on the method for calculating MoIT prices.

🏭✅ Only 13 of 84 transition initiatives have electricity operation licences, required for electricity generation. Ten factories now accept a provisional price equal to half of the MoIT’s ceiling price bracket.

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