Eurus Energy Expands Operations with New Regional Base in Vietnam

Eurus Energy Expands Operations with New Regional Base in Vietnam

Eurus Energy, a global leader in renewable energy, has established a new subsidiary called Eurus Energy Vietnam LLC in Hanoi, Vietnam. The subsidiary will focus on the development and operation of wind power plants and solar parks, recognizing Vietnam as a promising market for renewable energy expansion.

Vietnam’s growing economy and population are driving an increasing demand for electricity. To meet this demand, the country is actively promoting the construction and expansion of power plants to secure new energy sources. Wind power generation, in particular, is gaining attention due to favorable conditions. The Vietnamese government has set ambitious targets for wind generation, aiming to introduce 17GW of onshore capacity by 2030 and 39GW by 2045.

With its new base in Vietnam, Eurus Energy aims to contribute to the country’s electricity supply stability and the development of a low-carbon infrastructure. Leveraging its extensive knowledge and experience in the renewable energy industry, which spans over 30 years, Eurus Energy will play a significant role in driving renewable energy growth in Vietnam.

Eurus Energy currently operates in 15 countries worldwide, with a strong presence in the United States, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. The establishment of the Vietnam subsidiary further strengthens its global footprint and commitment to sustainable energy development.

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