Finance Ministry Considers Emission Fee for Pollution Control

Finance Ministry Considers Emission Fee for Pollution Control

The Ministry of Finance in Vietnam is exploring the possibility of implementing an emission fee to address environmental concerns. The proposal, currently under review by government agencies, highlights the worsening air quality in major cities and industrial zones, which negatively affects both people and the economy. The main contributors to pollution are vehicles and factories.

With 5.1 million cars, a large number of motorbikes, 120,000 factories (including 138 with severe environmental impact), and 110,000 construction firms, charging an emission fee is deemed necessary. The initial recommendation suggests a basic fee of VND3 million ($126) per year for chemical and mining companies, with an additional VND500,000-800,000 for extra emissions. This measure is estimated to generate approximately VND1.2 trillion annually, which would be utilized to mitigate environmental impacts.

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