Ho Chi Minh City Police to Conduct Inspections of Accommodations for Foreigners

Ho Chi Minh City Police to Conduct Inspections of Accommodations for Foreigners

Starting from August 1, the Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) police will initiate a month-long inspection campaign targeting all facilities accommodating foreigners in the city. The purpose of this campaign is to ensure compliance with regulations that require reporting of foreign residents. The immigration management division of the HCMC police will focus on addressing issues related to landlords and facility managers who fail to report the presence of foreigners in their establishments.

With approximately 100,000 foreigners residing in the city, Ho Chi Minh City has the highest number of foreign residents among all localities in Vietnam. The city boasts around 80,000 accommodation facilities, including hotels, apartments, houses, and other types of homes. However, there have been instances where individuals neglect to report the stay of foreigners, creating an environment conducive to criminal activities. Since the beginning of 2022, HCMC police have uncovered over 5,300 cases of such violations, primarily occurring in apartments and secluded neighborhoods.

An emerging concern is the rise in illegal immigration, which enables criminals to engage in high-tech fraud, gambling operations, and online high-interest loan scams. These individuals often rent secluded houses and apartments that lack proper management, facilitating their illicit activities. To combat this, the HCMC police have provided an online reporting system for foreigners’ stays through the immigration management division’s website since 2007. While 96% of all accommodation facilities have utilized this service, the reporting rate remains low for apartments and secluded houses.

The inspection campaign aims to address these issues and ensure that all accommodations for foreigners in HCMC comply with reporting regulations. By taking proactive measures, the police seek to create a safer environment for residents and mitigate the risks associated with unreported foreign stays.

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