Streamlining Procedures for Granting Work Permits to Foreigners in Vietnam

Streamlining Procedures for Granting Work Permits to Foreigners in Vietnam

The Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs has been tasked with promptly gathering public input and streamlining the procedures for granting work permits to foreign individuals employed in Vietnam. The main focus will be on implementing online permit issuance and transitioning from a “pre-check” to a “post-check” approach to ensure transparency and convenience.

This directive was issued by Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha during a meeting on the proposed amendment to the Government Decree that governs the employment of foreigners in Vietnam, as well as the recruitment and management of Vietnamese workers working for foreign entities in the country. The Deputy PM emphasized that revising the legal regulations concerning Vietnamese workers employed by foreign organizations and individuals is a critical, intricate, and sensitive matter, with implications for national security and foreign relations.

Therefore, a comprehensive and cautious approach is required, including thorough review, in-depth research, comprehensive evaluation, and soliciting feedback from relevant stakeholders such as diplomatic missions and international organizations. The draft decree is expected to be finalized and submitted to the prime minister before August 25th.

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