US-funded energy storage system set for central Vietnam

US-funded energy storage system set for central Vietnam

⚡ An energy storage project costing nearly $3 million will be built in Khanh Hoa Province as part of a new joint venture.

💰 Funded by the U.S. Mission Vietnam, the project aims to demonstrate how it can reduce power losses and help Vietnam integrate more renewable energy into the nation’s power system.

☀️ AMI AC Renewables, a joint venture between AMI Renewables of Vietnam and AC Energy of the Philippines, signed an MOU with American corporation Honeywell in Ho Chi Minh City on Tuesday to integrate a Honeywell Battery Energy Storage System into a 50-megawatt peak #solar farm in Khanh Hoa, according to a U.S. Consulate General statement.

🥇 The power plant will be the first in Vietnam to deploy the Battery Energy Storage System.

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