Vietnam Sends 72,000+ Workers Abroad in H1

Vietnam Sends 72,000+ Workers Abroad in H1

According to a recent interview with Liem, Vietnam has sent over 72,000 workers abroad in the first half of this year, surpassing their target of 110,000. This number represents a significant increase of 1.55 times compared to the same period in 2022. The primary destinations for Vietnamese workers are Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea, with other markets like Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Qatar also offering opportunities.

South Korea, in particular, has been recruiting more shipbuilding workers and has eased regulations to provide more job opportunities in agriculture and fisheries. Japan continues to focus on manufacturing, industrial production, construction, agriculture, forestry, and fisheries. Middle Eastern countries require workers in construction, oil and gas, mechanics, shipbuilding, and manufacturing industries. European countries are also hiring Vietnamese workers, but they have stricter requirements for skilled and qualified individuals.

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