Vietnam to complete new government headquarters by 2035

Vietnam to complete new government headquarters by 2035

🚧 The construction of new headquarters for several ministries and governmental entities in Hanoi will be completed by 2035, according to an official announcement.

✅ Vietnam’s Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh recently approved a plan for the construction of the new headquarters of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and the Vietnam Social Security Department.

🗺️📌 The new Hanoi facilities will be located in the Tay Ho Tay area of Tay Ho and Bac Tu Liem Districts and the Me Tri area of Nam Tu Liem District.

📃 The Specialized Construction Investment Project Management Board (SPMB) at the Ministry of Construction reported on Friday that the exact locations of the new headquarters will be decided later.

ℹ️ The network of headquarters will be the workplace of 36 central government entities, according to the board:

📍 Twelve of them will be in the Tay Ho Tay area, while the rest will be in the Me Tri area.

📍 An architectural highlight of the plan for the 35-ha Tay Ho Tay area will be how well the new structures integrate with the West Lake, according to planners.

📍 The new headquarters buildings will be 12-25 stories tall, while other supporting structures will be 6-24 stories tall. There will be spaces for trees, walking paths and public service facilities.

📍 The Me Tri area, spanning 55 ha, will be home to headquarters buildings that are 17-25 stories tall and are located next to main traffic routes, allowing people convenient access to public service buildings.

📍 The center of the headquarters zone will include a park with lakes and conference centers.

📍 Around 18,700 people would work in the new buildings, with 14,500 working in the Tay Ho Tay area and the rest in the Me Tri zone.

💰 #Construction #investment capital will be prepared from now through 2025, planners have announced. The first phase of the construction process will be completed in the 2026-2030 period.

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