Product Sourcing

We’ll source services and supplies, researching suppliers to get the best deal.

Finding the right product or service at the right price can be time consuming so why not consider using our product sourcing services instead. As your product sourcing specialist we can keep track of all your supply requirements with our product sourcing solutions.

From supplier evaluation to negotiation, inventory management and supplier performance management we can manage the whole process setting up supplier accounts, controlling costs and allocating resources as required.

  • Research – gathering all the relevant information and putting it into a format that lets you see exactly what is on offer from each supplier. This helps you to make an informed decision, knowing you have access to the latest information.
  • Relationship building – a good outsourced service will start to build a good relationship with a potential supplier right from the start. It will represent your business professionally, so that by the time you are introduced to the chosen supplier, there is already a good, trusted connection in place.
  • Inventory management – once you have chosen a supplier, you may need to add them to your supplier management system, which may include inventory management or stock control. If you don’t have this type of system in place, an outsource service could also organise one for you, so that you can see when stock is getting low, manage invoices and payments, and keep track of supplier performance.
  • Re-ordering and adding new suppliers – used as an ongoing service, an outsourced supplier controller can manage all your re-ordering for you and can also help you find new suppliers, replace existing suppliers or help with resourcing a new product or service that requires a completely new supply chain.

Home & Furniture:

  • Furniture
  • Kitchenware
  • Storage items
  • Sports & Outdoor Products
  • Home Decoration
  • Electronics & Home Appliances

Gifts and Handicrafts:

  • Handicrafts
  • High-end products
  • Gift Packaging

Fashion & Accessories:

  • Costumes
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Luggage
  • Shoes & Clogs & Leather Goods
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care

Textiles & Fashion Supplies:

  • Fabrics, Yarns & Leather

If finding and managing suppliers is a headache for you, why not consider an outsourced option? We have years of professional experience and can help you to keep everything under close control – contact us today to find out more.

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