Thien Minh Furniture

Step into a world where heritage meets innovation, where timeless craftsmanship blends seamlessly with modern design principles. We are Thien Minh Furniture, a Vietnamese outdoor furniture company driven by a deep-rooted respect for our heritage and a fervent passion for the future.

For generations, our skilled artisans have meticulously handcrafted exquisite pieces using the finest locally sourced wood and time-honored techniques. Today, we honor this legacy by marrying traditional craftsmanship with modern sensibilities and sustainable practices, creating outdoor furniture that transcends boundaries and enriches homes across the globe.

Our mission is simple yet profound: to craft sustainably sourced, handcrafted outdoor furniture that embodies timeless design and unparalleled quality while championing environmental stewardship. We envision a future where beautiful furniture coexists harmoniously with a healthy planet, inspiring conscious consumption and fostering a deeper connection to our surroundings.

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