Shipping and inspection policy

Shipping Policy
  1. Shipping coverage: We provide shipping services to various locations nationwide (or internationally, depending on our operational range). Before completing an order, customers can view the supported shipping locations and choose the corresponding option.
  1. Shipping methods: We offer multiple shipping methods for customers to choose from. This includes regular shipping services, express shipping, or special shipping (if available). Detailed information about the shipping methods and any accompanying technical requirements will be provided during the ordering process.
  1. Shipping costs: Shipping costs are calculated based on factors such as order size, weight, and delivery location. Before completing an order, customers can view the total shipping cost and confirm it.
  1. Delivery time: We commit to providing estimated delivery time information to customers before and during the ordering process. Delivery times may vary depending on the delivery location and chosen shipping method. We will make every effort to ensure timely delivery and notify customers of any delays (if applicable).
  1. Responsibility for providing documents: We and our logistics service providers are responsible for providing the necessary documentation during the shipping process. This ensures the accuracy and reliability of the delivery process.
  1. Customer support: We are committed to providing customer support regarding shipping issues. If customers have any questions, requests, or concerns related to shipping, they can contact our customer support team for assistance.
Inspection policy
  1. Visual inspection of products: Customers are allowed to inspect the products upon delivery. Please check the external appearance, such as the order description, quantity, color, and check for any damages, scratches, tears, or dents.
  1. Seal inspection: Customers should inspect the external seal on the package. If the seal is peeled, torn, or not intact, customers have the right to refuse the delivery or request an inspection of the contents.
  1. Co-inspection with the delivery personnel: If requested by the delivery personnel, customers should co-sign the inspection to confirm that they have checked the products.
  1. Discovery of defects: If customers discover that the products are incorrect or show signs of defects, customers have the right to refuse the delivery.
  1. Order cancellation: If customers are not satisfied after inspecting the goods, they have the right to cancel the order. After cancellation, if the customer has already made a payment, we will refund them using the original payment method within a maximum of 7 working days, and the customer will not incur any additional costs for this refund.

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