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Kima Home is born from a love and passion for interior design, but above all, it’s a tribute to family – the place where we find care, peace, and love in the simplest of things. Our sole and fervent desire is to journey alongside you, sharing our love in the most sincere and caring way possible.

We introduce to you a prime choice for your living space – Kima Home’s “LOVE FROM SIMPLICITY” lifestyle. With exquisite designs, user-centric features, and materials sourced from the UK, we offer endless customization options for your living space. Wake up every morning surrounded by beloved items, feeling the brightness and freshness of your home, radiating like a smile. That’s how we share love – through caring for the smallest things.

Here, you’ll find rustic designs that exude coziness, whether you crave the liberating freedom of nature or seek peace and warmth with Mediterranean blue hues. Smooth natural oak and rattan baskets, or the boldness of cracked American oak with its rich hazelnut tones, each piece tells a compelling story, vibrant and full of energy. Do you prefer the robustness of wine shades for a space that’s uniquely yours, or the elegance of classic patterns in our oak-patterned collection with its unique paint finishes? The options are endless.

In addition to design and color diversity, Kima Home’s creations prioritize utmost convenience and safety. Our designs feature rounded edges and corners to protect users from harm, a range of dining tables intelligently designed to expand and contract to fit any space and purpose, coffee tables with 4 smart compartments that open in 2 directions, and uniquely contoured dining chairs ensuring comfort even during extended periods of sitting. With flexible customization options, our collection allows you to use the upper or lower parts of glass cabinets for various purposes. Premium, odorless paint and accessories sourced from renowned manufacturers around the world ensure that Kima’s wood tones are distinct from conventional materials – non-glossy, non-faded, and resistant to color change.

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