Large Quantity of Unclaimed Containers Accumulate at HCMC Ports

At Ho Chi Minh City sea ports, over 4,800 containers have remained unclaimed for more than 90 days, posing challenges for logistical operations.

HCMC Customs disclosed that the contents of these containers encompass wood, scrap, and various other items.

Prior to the seven-day Lunar New Year holiday commencing on February 8th, numerous companies engaged in excessive imports, leading to a surge in container volumes throughout January.

Many importers dealing in scrap materials are associated with “ghost” companies, which have been established using inaccurate information about their operators.

Unclaimed goods will either be returned to the sender or disposed of.

A significant accumulation of unclaimed goods has the potential to congest ports and exacerbate shortages of empty containers, consequently driving up transportation costs.

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