H. Nicholas & Co

H. Nicholas & Co

H. Nicholas & Co, is a US-invested company, the chairman and founder is Mr. Harvey Dondero, but the management team and employees are entirely Vietnamese. The company manufactures high-end furniture in Vietnam, serving as an OEM base for high-end clients in North America and Asia.

Started production in 2018, at a 100,000 square foot factory in Binh Duong province. H. Nicholas & Co. employs about 800 workers, and initial capacity is expected to be 40 to 50 containers per month.

H. Nicholas & Co. is a contract manufacturer of wooden, upholstered and mixed material furniture products… Products of H. Nicholas & Co. specializes in transitional and contemporary styles with the ability to provide unusual and intricate surface design, including intricate finishing techniques.

As an OEM furniture manufacturer H. Nicholas & Co. believes the most important aspect of its business is to provide a complete range of services, if desired by its customers, from design to packed finished product.

H. Nicholas & Co. supplies a wide range of large and medium size export and domestic customers including major retailers, wholesale and marketing firms, interior design firms and contract and hospitality. They are compliant in all aspects of its business practices including materials, labor, safety and workplace practices.

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