VIETNAM B2B DIRECTORY 2023 – Connecting Businesses in Interior Decoration, Gifts, Handicrafts, and Fashion

In this book, we proudly bring you a reliable source of information about over 500 manufacturers specializing in interior decoration, gifts, handicrafts, and fashion. We understand that effective business connections are crucial, so we have meticulously compiled this directory. Our goal is to create a professional B2B networking platform that helps build mutually beneficial partnerships for both international buyers and Vietnamese manufacturers.

From interior decoration for homes to unique gifts and fashion accessories, our directory includes a wide range of diverse products, ensuring that you can access leading manufacturers in Vietnam. With Vietnam’s rapid development as a manufacturing hub, accessing reliable resources to connect with suitable suppliers is extremely important. Our directory saves you time and eliminates vague information by selecting a list of reputable and highly capable manufacturers, allowing you to see the immense potential of the interior decoration, gifts, handicrafts, and fashion industry in Vietnam.

Let us help you unlock great business opportunities and take your enterprise to new heights.

Book information: Language: English. Size: A5. 150mm x 210mm. Number of pages: 200 pages. Weight: 0.6kg. ISBN: 978-604-41-0712-7.

Transportation details: Free delivery in Vietnam. Shipping costs for international orders: 1,500,000 VND per order.

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