Tran Duc Corporation

Established in 2001, Tran Duc Corporation is the powerhouse behind two major brands: Tran Duc Homes (TDHs) and Tran Duc Furnishings (TDFs), each dedicated to excellence in their respective fields.

Tran Duc Homes (TDHs) leads the charge in providing comprehensive solutions for green projects, leveraging over two decades of expertise in wood manufacturing and processing. Our mission? To champion sustainability and contribute to the greener future of all projects we touch.

With pride in our achievements, Tran Duc Homes boasts a sprawling factory spanning 140,000 square meters in Binh Duong city, bustling with over 2,000 skilled employees. These formidable resources enable us to forge partnerships with industry leaders in architecture and construction worldwide.

Meanwhile, Tran Duc Furnishings (TDFs) specializes in crafting and supplying premium hotel furniture, ensuring that luxury and comfort meet in every guestroom and suite.

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